offer various services to those looking to make dramatic changes to their physiques, their health and their lifestyle. We are results driven and guarantee, that with our knowledge, your willingness and your effort, your goals will be far exceeded.

Who we work with?

  • Bodybuilders (all categories)
  • Female physique athletes (all categories)
  • Fitness models
  • Regular gym goers
  • General public
  • Beginners

Contact MATT TOFTON07837 233816

How do we work at Prepped by Tofton?

All potential clients are required to fill out detailed question and answer forms. From here, tailored and detailed plans can be created that are specific to your goal which will then be sent out. All clients have unlimited contact with us (via email or phone) Clients are expected to check in with us (the service will depend how often) using a dedicated check in form. From this we can assess how you are progressing and how you are feeling. We will make any necessary adjustments to plans and send out the new plans. This constant assessment and adjustment of plans prevents any form of plateaus occurring and will ensure maximum progress is achieved.

Why choose Prepped by Tofton?

At Prepped by Tofton we use a combination of science and real world experience to maximise results. As with everything, constant discoveries are being made and new theories are being developed all the time. At Prepped by Tofton we filter through the science and provide you, the client, with real world application which will give you the results you want!

At Prepped by Tofton we set the standards for our clients. We don’t just hand out knowledge. We train as hard as we want you to train. Our passion drives our clients towards their goals. And as part of Team Prepped by Tofton. Nothing will stop you!